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Restoring Gladys Couchman tombstone

The oldest headstone in Innisfail Cemetery. Gladys Couchman born 31.10.1889 died 04.10.1891.

We are seeking support from local volunteers and tradespeople to restore this site.


If you would like to help with this project please fill out the form below and we will be in contact. 

Alternatively you can call into the Innisfail Museum weekday mornings to learn more about becoming involved in this important project in preserving our history. 

Help with Gladys tombstone restorations

Thanks for submitting!

Restoration of the See Poy Portraits

In 1998 it was agreed that the Queensland Art Gallery and the Innisfail and District Historical Society would form a partnership and share the costs of treating the paintings.

In conjunction with the Johnstone Shire Council, the Innisfail and District Historical Society set about fund-raising. The enthusiasm of the local community for this project was described in the local press.

These intriguing paintings came into the care of the Innisfail and District Historical Society in 1994, after the death of the last See Poy daughter, Victoria May (the eldest child), and the dispersal of her estate. Victoria May was the custodian of the paintings on behalf of the family and they had been kept in her family home, Tangvilla

Because the paintings were too fragile to display, they were carefully stored by the Innisfail and District Historical Society.

In 1995 they were inspected by Jacqueline Macnaughtan, a paintings conservator who happened to be on holiday in the area. She advised the Society to contact the Queensland Art Gallery for recommendations about conserving the paintings.

When Ms Macnaughtan joined the staff of the Gallery a short time later, these interests happily converged.

Ida Quong Chong and Victoria May Sue Yek with See Poy Family painting #2 1982
Photo credit: Innisfail Advocate

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