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Donate an item to the museum

To donate items to the Society we first need to consider the item/s being offered for its relevance to our collections. Please tell us as much information as possible about the item using the Donation Request Form below, consider such things as:

•  What is the history of the item?
•  When, where and by whom was it made, owned or used?
•  What stories surround the object or the people connected to it?
•  What condition is the item in?
•  What are its dimensions?
•  Any other information about the story surrounding the item or the item itself (eg any distinguishing features, serial numbers, trade marks)

Donation Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to completing the forms to discuss your prospective donation. 

If you are intending to apply any restrictions to the Society in the use/display of the object please speak with the Collections Officer to ensure clarity in your intent.  

For large items and you are within  the Innisfail area, we are happy to make arrangements to visit with you at a mutually convenient time.

It may take several weeks before a decision is made and you must consider there is no guarantee that the Innisfail & District Historical Society Inc will be able to accept items that are offered for donation.

Once the Collections Committee has met, you will be informed of the decision.

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